follow the leader

There are few guarantees in the workplace today, but change is one of them. Often, it seems that the only constant we have in business, is the need to change. Change is a permanent feature of all organizations regardless of sector or size. We live in an information based society, under constant bombardment from new technologies, new business concepts and competitive threats. Let’s face the facts; not being able to manage change effectively will cost us money. 

Then there are the hidden costs of resistance to change within an organization. This can lead to a failure to achieve all the benefits of the change. And ultimately it can result in a failure of the change initiative itself. Often change management programmes simply focus on the tangible, “hard” outputs. That means the new processes, new strategies, and new way of doing things. We specially designed this programme to address these issues as well as the significant “soft” issues, such as uncertainty, unease, loss of trust, and fear. These reactions are natural and healthy. What is not healthy is leaving them unacknowledged and unaddressed.

This programme is designed and developed to focus and address those issues and challenges. It is a fact that the ability to harness and manage change so as to bring about a positive outcome for the organization is one of the main challenges faced by business leaders as transformational leaders – it is also now the greatest source of competitive advantage.


Leaders and managers who:

  • find themselves in continuous change environments and wants to increase their effectiveness
  • experience negative responses both internally and externally to the ongoing nature of organizational change.


This programme aims to prepare the leaders and the managers with a good grasp of the nature of change in today’s world. It will shed light on the kind of competencies critical for leaders and mangers to acquire and master. A repertoire of strategic tools and models will also be used to equip them to initiate and administer change adeptly to their own work environment and that of the team or organization


 At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and self-analyses the 5 Levels of Leadership
  • Apply the fundamentals of transformational leadership and their role as organizational change agents
  • Understand the dynamics of change process and demonstrate how to positively handle those who resist change
  • Explain the four steps change process and the practical use change management models to bring about effective change in a variety of situations.

All our programmes are customisable based on our client’s training needs. If you wish to know more about this programme, please contact us.